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Continuous Development & Microservice Architecture for over 12,000 pharmacies

“We have been working with NETFORMIC now since 2013 and looking back, we can say that without NETFORMIC we would not have been able to develop such a customer-focused product.”

Key Facts


  • B2B2C
  • Content Management
  • Paid Content Services
  • more than 12,000 pharmacies
  • over 1 million websites navigated
  • Customer since 2013


  • Individual software development of a content management system for pharmacies
  • Development and operation of a sales platform for on-premise services or products for pharmacies, for example a curated newsletter
  • Over 10,000 pharmacies in the DACH region actively use the system
  • Use of proven AWS services such as SQS and Lambda
  • Creation and implementation of a concept of data flows
  • Transparent visualization of data streams in diagrams


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In 2013, the Netzwerk Deutscher Apotheker (DAN) was looking for a new agency to provide a solution for their website with over 300,000 pages of content. The platform is to offer the 7,000 pharmacies the possibility of maintaining content in the system (including website, additional services, newsletter, etc.).

DAN aims to provide digital content and services for pharmacies to select and publish via the backend. DAN’s service representatives are given access to the backend and can make changes on behalf of the pharmacies. DAN prefers agile platform development.



Using the SCRUM method, we developed the requested solution The portal is now the hub for digital services and on-premise products purchased or used by pharmacies and consumers. Our services include architecture design, conception, implementation, quality assurance and service & operation.

The service architecture runs on AWS and features many service APIs. Through which we integrate e.g. gluu for identity management, talend for data synchronization, Symfony for e-prescriptions, TYPO 3 for content, Jitsi meet for telepharmacy or elastic for search. In this way, we were able to develop and implement a well thought-out concept for mapping the data streams and present it transparently to the customer with the help of descriptive diagrams.

Based on this platform, offers excellent services and on-premise products to pharmacies as a B2B target group, as well as to the end consumer. Pharmacies have the opportunity to book various online services via the landing page. In a monthly bookable subscription concept, various digital goods can be purchased, from an individually customizable website construction kit to a personal customer newsletter. This business model makes it possible to profitably distribute functions to different target groups once they have been developed.

Currently, over 12,000 pharmacies in the DACH region use various combinations of these services. The mainstay is, among other things, the website construction kit. With this, pharmacies can create their own online presence with just a few clicks. Using the self-service portal, they can independently maintain, select and publish content. Useful features of the website such as the package insert search or the reservation of medicines can also be used for direct business from pharmacy to end customer. If the pharmacy acquires digital goods for its direct business with the patients, e.g., a digital camera, the pharmacy is entitled to use the digital goods for its direct business with the patients. the pharmacy website or other on-premise products from the German Pharmacist Network, the pharmacy’s basic data is created in the CRM and the account is equipped with the desired services. With the access data that the pharmacy receives, it can select its theme in the backend, define themes and services, integrate social media channels and much more.

In addition, the DAN offers various web and online marketing services. Telepharmacy is the feature that opens a significant impact for the quality information of patients by pharmacists in case of contact or mobility limitations. Based on Jitsi meet – a technology hosted in Germany – we developed a service that enables pharmacists to advise their customers digitally. In addition to the video counselling function, appointments for counselling sessions can also be made via this platform.

In addition to the various digital goods that pharmacies can purchase, also provides free services for end customers. The end consumer will find independent medical information articles, a pharmacy search and other useful information about their health on the website. With the emergency pharmacy search as a core function, the end customer is assured of access to pharmacies in emergency service at any time to ensure rapid health care in the event of minor emergencies. For the pure information concerning different disease patterns, or a healthy nutrition makes also a large knowledge data base with hundreds of articles available.

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Digital Business Unit
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