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“From the idea to the live broadcast in less than 6 months – without NETFORMIC this would not have been possible. With high stakes, MVP thinking and Spryker technology as the basis, we were able to start quickly and are still successful to this day.”

Key Facts


  • B2C
  • Booking platform with instant booking option
  • 5 languages
  • 6 Currencies
  • Over 50,000 live data from aircrafts


  • Process creation of the business model
  • Search mask with auto-suggest and results list
  • Connection to Avinode database
  • Instant booking model offering flights at a fixed price
  • Broker model in which brokers accept client orders and arrange a suitable flight
  • Setup of multi-store – multi-language with Spryker Commerce OS
  • App development


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JetApp is one of the first Spryker references ever.
Private jets spend much of the year parked at their home airports. The owners of these jets can offer these capacities on the market via broker portals. In order to determine the price of the ticket offers, a number of parameters are taken into account, including, for example, the departure and destination airports, as it is not possible to land at every airport, depending on the type of aircraft. In addition, the price of private jet tickets is regulated by supply and demand at a point in time x. Due to the complex price determination, prospective customers for private jet tickets on the broker portals always have to accept a waiting period until the price for the desired connection with the desired aircraft type at the specific time is determined. This is what the JetApp founder wanted to undermine with his novel booking portal JetApp. The aim was to enable users to decide on the JetApp application whether they want to be quoted a binding price at which they can book the connection immediately, or whether they want to participate in a broker process and thus possibly be offered a lower price, but also accept a waiting period and uncertainty regarding the availability of the ticket.
A prerequisite was that the future portal be available on both desktop and mobile devices.

The requirements were:

  • Individual or configured products
  • Individual prices
  • Single availability – each ticket is available only once
  • A constantly changing range of connections
  • Simple usability



The novelty of the business model, which needed to be quickly tested for its resilience, led us to decide on an agile process model together with the customer. Each of the private jet tickets is an individual product, which always has a stock of exactly 1. Each ticket has its individual price, which is determined by various parameters such as demand and supply, as well as by the type of aircraft, the departure and destination airports and the time of travel. Furthermore, it was a requirement of the platform technology to be able to offer two alternative processes of price determination to the user. Since each ticket is an individual item, they must be treated like configured individual products in the purchasing process and reserved and thus blocked for the time the user is in the selection process. This prevents the ticket from being booked twice by other users who are searching for this offer at the same time.

We chose Spryker as the basis for the platform because we were able to take full advantage of the modular design, the API first approach and the possibilities of the extremely clean code specific to Spryker. Due to Spryker’s modular structure, we were able to initially set up the platform in a very lean MVP approach and also adapt or remodel business processes in the platform during the first months of operation of the MVP. The powerful and extremely flexible API made it easy for us to realize an extremely fast connection to Avinode and to play the native apps for Android and IOS directly from Spryker. The user can therefore be offered a seamless user experience across all devices. Implementing in 5 languages and 6 currencies was easy with a platform like Spryker, which is designed from the ground up for international projects. With Spryker we were able to test the business model of JetApp together with the customer in a very short time and very lean based on the MVP approach and to develop it further after a proven test phase.

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