D2C - Direct to Consumer

Easy entry into direct trade for brands and manufacturers

The ongoing crises have shown us that the potential in e-commerce is far from exhausted. E-commerce is booming like never before. In recent years, many online stores have been able to significantly increase their online sales.

And the end is not yet here: the online share of total retail sales is rising steadily.

The trendy topic of direct to consumer, or D2C for short, is on everyone’s lips.

I’m sure you’ve looked at the D2C stars of the last 24 months and thought, what can I take from this for my business.

Don’t want to miss the chance and get into direct trading?
With us as your D2C agency, you can get started quickly, easily and without any problems.

For many manufacturers, the topic of digital transformation is still uncharted territory. Getting into direct-to-consumer commerce requires not only digital know-how and knowledge of your end customers, but also the appropriate technical requirements. We help you not only to identify this IT landscape, but also to Adapt or expand your existing IT landscape.

Because with the right sales strategy for your company, you as a manufacturer can even outperform established retailers. In direct trade, you have significantly more freedom to position yourself in the best possible way, e.g. in the areas of customer service, personalization, user experience and pricing models.

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We shape business radically digital. And with all consistency. This starts with the first strategic considerations and never ends.

If you don’t have the courage to question your business and, if necessary, to radically rethink it, you will end up on the siding. With our expertise, we develop innovations and business models and make them fly without losing the necessary traction. Be bold – the future is digital!”

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Business model expansion to include digital strategy

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Why is it worthwhile for your company to enter the D2C market?

The advantages of direct trading at a glance:

    • Proximity to the customer

    • Customer Insights

    • fast time-to-market

    • Price control

    • more reach

    • Sales increase

    • Customer Centric

    • Customer Service

    • Brandbuilding

    • Digital Experience

Let’s look at your obstacles and challenges together and create the right digital strategy for you to successfully master digital transformation.

What is D2C?

Direct-to-consumer – D2C – involves the marketing and sale of services or products directly by the manufacturer to the end consumer. This is also referred to as direct trading. Through disintermediation, intermediaries are intentionally left out of the process, resulting in some – especially economic – advantages and independence.

B2B E-Commerce Transaktionsmodelle

Challenges in D2C for established manufacturers

    • Building technical solutions of the related processes

    • Preparation of customer data, creation of the customer journey and handling of monitoring tools

    • Expansion of marketing activities

    • Building a Customer Centric Culture

    • Development of the entire D2C process, including logistics, returns and customer service

    • Building social media know-how

As a D2C agency, we can help you and your business get started in direct trading worry-free and hassle-free.

Outlook & Conclusion for Direct Trading

It’s probably nothing new for you: D2C is the digital growth model with a future!

In the course of digitalization and, above all, intensified by the pandemic, consumer behavior has changed permanently. This is what we need to respond to. Digitization is only the first important step of this. Via direct trade you have full control over marketing, distribution and also communication with your customers.

Quickly adapt your company’s sales strategy to the insights gained through customer data. We help you.

Are you interested in a targeted D2C strategy?
Contact us and let's develop and implement your direct-to-consumer strategy together.

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