How we work

We work entrepreneurially in a team with our customers

Our customers face the challenge of making their processes, services and products digitally available to their employees and customers.

This is usually done via the Internet or the Cloud. Until now, service providers have mostly been commissioned for this. However, two things have changed since 2017:

  1. The number of web development projects has increased massively
  2. The procedure for successful digitization has become agile

However, building a software development team within an existing IT environment is often laborious, slow and rarely effective.

Managing directors and board members are therefore interested in the possibility of setting up an external digital unit. An excellent option to make this transition process as smooth as possible is to build up a team together with an experienced organization.

Within NETFORMIC our customers build up their digital team and work together very efficiently and target-oriented on the projects. In this constellation, various scenarios can be represented, from MVP and rapid prototyping to the refactoring of IT solutions and the long-term further development of digital platforms, even in iterative cycles.

How we work


Shared Teams

Netformic How We Work 1
  • Approx. 3 to 5 NETFORMIC employees who work together with you in the project team
  • As a customer, you act as the decision-maker, we implement your project requirements
  • Working method for smaller projects, where the client knows exactly what he needs
  • Project goals: time, scope, budget

Dedicated Teams

Netformic How We Work 2
  • Mind. 3 permanent, exclusive NETFORMIC employees and other “shared resources” who work together with you
  • As the customer you act as the decision maker, we are responsible for the realization
  • Working method for projects with min. 6 months, more likely 12 months term
  • Project goals: time, scope, budget

Digital Business Unit

Netformic How We Work 3
  • Exclusive team of us for you that covers all necessary resources in a “Business Unit as a Service”
  • As a client, you hand off the decisions to your team of digital experts. We take over all tasks 100% for you
  • As a customer, you can integrate yourself and your team members into the unit, or let the unit work autonomously.
  • Working method for the long-term, success-based development and expansion of a digital solution
  • Project goals: Contribution margin, KPIs