How we work


Our customers face the challenge of making their processes, services and products digitally available to their employees and customers.

This is usually done via the Internet or the Cloud. Until now, service providers have mostly been commissioned for this. However, two things have changed since 2017:

  1. The number of web development projects has increased massively
  2. The procedure for successful digitization has become agile

However, building a software development team within an existing IT environment is often laborious, slow and rarely effective.

Managing directors and board members are therefore interested in the possibility of setting up an external digital unit. An excellent option to make this transition process as smooth as possible is to build up a team together with an experienced organization.

Within NETFORMIC our customers build up their digital team and work together very efficiently and target-oriented on the projects. In this constellation, various scenarios can be represented, from MVP and rapid prototyping to the refactoring of IT solutions and the long-term further development of digital platforms, even in iterative cycles.

Build your Team

Shared Teams

Strategic Enterprise Web projects form the communication with customers, employees and partners. This is particularly important for international e-commerce platforms and web customer service platforms. This is precisely why people and interactions are the focus of successful cooperation. Shared teams bundle all the necessary competencies for your online projects. From technology selection, backend, interface and frontend development, creation & design and test management to holistic project management. In addition to professional cooperation, our customers appreciate our holistic view of existing processes and the IT landscape. We live Customer Centricity!

Dedicated Teams

Digitalization and the need to develop new business models are driving companies. You no longer have time for long scoping phases or annoying discussions about change request. You want to concentrate on the essentials? Your MVP must be able to be implemented and tested quickly. Agile software development methods significantly increase the speed. Take advantage of the opportunity of a new form of cooperation. With Dedicated Teams, we redefine customer relationships. You work with a team specially assembled for you, covering the service areas software development, product owner, test management, requirements engineering and creation & design.
Start now, shape radical!

Digitale Business Unit

Today, access to the customer is the central competitive advantage. At the same time, the expectations of customers are rising that digital service and e-commerce platforms will also reflect the individual requirements of processes, product ranges, prices and consulting. Above all, the processes are the lever to bind customers to themselves in the long term and to do business with them on a long-term basis. Successful companies manage to fulfill exactly this customer requirement, thus concentrating on the customer relationship and additionally optimizing their own processes. With the interdisciplinary Digital Business Units, you rely on expertise and long-term cooperation for the development and expansion of your digital portal. The work with your Digital Business Unit is individually tailored to your company, lean and aligned to Scrum