Environmental protection & sustainability

We combine environmental friendliness with economic interest

We believe in sustainable economic success and combine ecological thinking with economic action.
We continuously optimise the efficient use of resources and our internal processes. We want to actively contribute to the generation of tomorrow with our conscious actions and implement this as follows:

Our contribution

energie symbol nachhaltigkeit umweltschutz


  • Since 2001 we get our electricity from the 100% green electricity provider Lichtblick.
  • We have daylight in almost all rooms
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  • We work almost paperless
  • There is at least one waste island on each floor for environmentally conscious waste separation.
  • We separate and dispose waste according to paper, yellow bag, glass, residual waste
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  • Job ticket for local public transport
  • Job bike for the CO2 friendly way to work
  • Bahncard 50 for frequent travellers
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  • Our central location in the heart of Stuttgart enables all employees to get to work in an environmentally friendly way by public transport.
  • Within walking distance are the stops for the metro, trains and buses
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  • Our competent and motivated employees are our most important success factor, which is why we maintain close contact between employees and management.
  • We are in constant exchange through monthly company meetings, community, chat and group tools as well as team events.
  • We offer continuous training according to individual needs
  • Flexible part-time and flexitime models make it possible to reconcile work and private life
green it


  • We enable mobile working through the use of environmentally conscious and energy-saving IT.
  • Resource-saving use of our IT through Flex Desk workstations
  • Virtualization for better capacity utilization
  • Use of video and telephone conferences to avoid business trips