The biggest challenges of digitalization are the core strategy of fundamentally changing the corporate culture, organization, value chains and processes. Economic thinking and customer centricity play an important role in this. The real enablers, however, are technological developments!

With a short time to market, you create the prerequisite for your business success. Our driving force is technology – we rely on safe and high-performance all-rounders with enterprise shop systems. Coupled with open source technologies, you benefit from flexibility, innovation and quick customization.


Shopware 6

The customer must be at the centre of trading regardless of channel and device. This maxim is also the focus of the German shop system provider and offers a highly flexible technical solution for the digital future. Thanks to the API-first approach of the new Shopware 6 version, people can shop comfortably and performantly regardless of location, time and device. Whether B2B or B2C, national or international – with Shopware 5 and 6 they are wherever your customers are. We recommend shopware to companies with ambitious growth plans due to the lean and flexible system.

Spryker’s modular system enables your business to reach your customers through all current and future digital touchpoints. With Spryker, you can implement variable digital business models – from online shops, mobile apps, voice and bo integration, IoT scenarios to car commerce. With its unique microservice architecture with the powerful “Glue” API, Spryker is unmatched ly flexible and performant. In order to bring your digital business model forward, we select the right ones from the many well thought-out B2B and B2C features. Let’s start your Spryker project together into the future of your company.

OXID esales

The established shop system of the German supplier Oxid eSales AG scores with its individual adaptability for every industry and every business with a short time to market. Countless medium-sized and large B2C and B2B companies value the modularity and scalability for building your e-commerce business and your sustainable digital growth. Highly professional tools such as econda for personalization or FACTFinder can be easily integrated deep into OXID. Together with our strong partner solution Oxid, we advance your online business.

With Symfony’s high-performance and leading PHP framework, there are no limits to development. The best and best known PHP applications have been created worldwide on this basis. Symfony offers maximum flexibility and a uniform structure, so that you can continuously develop and optimize your company digitally at the cutting edge of time. Based on Symfony, we develop your individual and future-oriented software solutions time to market in agile teams for you.


Data is the currency of digital business models. Data availability, quality and up-to-dateness are critical to your business success. talend is a leading software provider for data integration and application integration. Master Data Management was yesterday – today data governance is the success factor for the future. Your data reaches the next levels of optimal data quality and availability with talend in short time to market. With the new API Builder, you not only reduce the number of your interface tools, but also have data for your business that is scattered across a variety of data systems. With talend you guarantee the quality, protection and security of your data.

Customers such as wirecard, Otto, Zalando or Netflix successfully rely on the search Elasticsearch. The technology is based on a distributed JSON search and analytics engine and provides information regardless of source and format. Thanks to the worldwide Content Delivery Network, search is ultra fast and indexed and searches millions of documents. This allows you to offer your customers personalized shopping experiences and successfully inspire and retain customers. Convince yourself and get the maximum scalability, reliability, and easy management.

Elasticsearch Logo

Qualitative and up-to-date product data are the treasure of your entire digitalization. Globalization, innovation speed, and growing number of sales channels ensure that the volume of your product data and content grows dynamically. The ROI for a product information management project is quickly calculated. Much more important is a short time to market, with high quality data being flexibly available to your customers, sales, marketing and product management. Workflows or a sophisticated rights-role system are basics for PIM systems. Pimcore is unique in terms of open source enterprise architecture and its open, highly flexible object-oriented architecture. We master successful PIM projects for you with our partner solution Pimcore.

Platform-independent and open source, vue Storefront implements your ultra-fast, offline-enabled Progressive Web App (PWA) for you. Vue.js is the most flexible framework for creating faster stores. It forms the basis of Vue Storefront and developers love it. The headless architecture connects Vue Storefront to your backend through the API. In the future, you can replace the backend without having to adjust the front end. Is it magic or Vue Storefront?

vue storefront