Digital Leaders

The digital transformation as part of our society

Our DNA is digital – this drives us to think about processes and solutions in a digitally new and comprehensive way. We see digital transformation as an opportunity and are tackling and reshaping the future of companies and people.

Our mission is to think business from the customer and make it simple.

We broaden your view and discover new perspectives for your digital transformation together. Get started on your project with us now. We offer you technical, organizational, consulting and creative doers. Everyone has his or her own head – and that’s a good thing.

Digital Leaders Team

Regina Visel

Head of Business Development

Jens Rilling

COO & Director Account Unit

Timo Weltner

CEO & Founder

Dietmar Hölscher

CXO & Director Account Unit

Lars Denzer

Director Account Unit

Ulrike Stephan

Head of Experience & Strategy

Cindy Wilfert

Director Account Unit


Grischa Zimmermann
Grischa Zimmermann

Director Account Unit

Niklas Janssen
Evgenij Brandes
Luke Roy
Simon Grimmel
Patrick Ndongo
Sascha Stojanovic
Sascha Dobrochynskyy
Falk Oehmigen
Dorina Sobiecki
Sven Ruck
Roman Nesterko
Michael Kübler
Martin Aichele
Martin Aichele
Maritta Peter
Manuel Reiß
Lisa Mayer
Guido Lohn
Diana Simonyi
Aleksandar Todorovic
Christian Hessler
Anne Mauch
Unnikrishnan Remani
Frank Maurmann
Andreas Elstner
Alexander Großmann
Heiko Bauer
Philipp Gildein
Josip Naletilic
Getoar Kastrati
Gresa Neziri
Art Nushi
Michael Backes
Daniel Schmid
Habib Wassim Zrigui
Hermann Schweers
Angela Dorp
Evangelos Dimitriades
Sebastian Schiller
Anna Schuster
Marketing Manager
Maik Uhlich
Daniel Sanne
Giuliano Aleo
Viola Ulbricht
Christian Gerlach
Arbresha Sejfija